Sweet daddy D
Sweet Daddy Dee was the only African-American dummy, who was used by Jeff Dunham from 2006-2010. He was mainly used as a black stereotype, and was sometimes prejudiced towards Jeff.

Arguing With MyselfEdit

Dunham introduces Sweet Daddy Dee in Arguing with Myself as his "new manager". He calls himself a "pimp", which he says stands for "Player In the Management Profession." According to Sweet Daddy, because he is a pimp, that makes Jeff the "ho". When Dunham objects, Daddy Dee points out that Dunham makes people laugh and feel good for a living. When Dunham agrees that this is the case, Daddy Dee says, "You the ho." When Dunham asks what he would say if he told him that he was a comedian only because he enjoyed it, Daddy Dee responds, "You the dumb ho."

The Jeff Dunham ShowEdit

Bubba J mentions in one episode that Sweet Daddy D has an ex-wife named Lagina. During his appearances, Sweet Daddy would occasionally hit on women in performances and mentions in a deleted skit that he is a slum businessman. Sweet Daddy also has henchmen, as shown in the fifth episode. In his episodes, he tries to get more black audiences for the show and tries to modernize Civil War reenactments. In a deleted skit, he tries to make a singing group called Red Harmony acquainted with a group of German bar-runners, leading into a parody of "The Sound of Music". He also hits on one of the harmony members, Synde.

Minding the MonstersEdit

In Minding The Monsters, when the graveyard of retired dummies was shown, Sweet Daddy Dee's name was shown on one of the gravestones. This signifies that he will no longer be used


  • A purple sweatsuit with a gray or black T- short.
  • A golden-green hat, pink suit, tie, a hanky chief with his initials, and golden-green pants.
  • A black leather suit with red lines with a gray.


  • Sweet Daddy Dee, only appeared for two episodes in The Jeff Dunham Show.
  • Sweet Daddy Dee, has only appeared in the special, Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself, as well as in the Super Bowl and "Lost Star Wars Auditions" videos on Dunham's YouTube channel.
  • In minding the monsters, his only cameo is his gravestone in the opening special, along with Monty, Diane, Monkey, Melvin & Archie.
  • Sweet Daddy Dee also made a cameo in Jeff Dunham's Achmed Saves America.
  • According to a Facebook page, Sweet Daddy Dee was retired over accusations of racism.