Episode 7 is the series finale of The Jeff Dunham Show.

Episode ChaptersEdit

1: Intro/Bubba J's Rehab/Walter's Relationship Advice

2: Achmed Gets A Time Out/Walter's Weekly Apology To His Wife (In Advance)

3: Achmed's Job Fair/Peanut Runs Into An Ex

4: Sweet Daddy Dee Listens To White Music/Walter's Ringtones

5: Credits


Jeff worries about Bubba J's habit of drinking beer so he sends Bubba to rehab with the help of Dr. Drew as in 3 weeks, Bubba J gets out of rehab and is still the same as he drinks a beer. Walter apologizes to the mean stuff he has done or said to his wife in advance. Achmed tries to sell terrorism against America. Walter then records his own ringtones.

Achmed's introduction for JeffEdit

"Greetings, infidels please clap your hands like the brainless infidel monkeys you are for your host, Jeff Dunham".