Episode 4 is the fourth episode of The Jeff Dunham Show.

Episode ChaptersEdit

1: Intro/Peanut's Rap Video

2: Walter's Relationship Advice/Bubba J's Checkup

3: Achmed Adult Novelty Store

4: Backstage Scene/End

5: Credits


Peanut wants to go solo, so he goes to Paramount Recording Studios to record a rap song as he plans to have Sharika to feature in the song with him, but finds out she isn't going until Walter's wife's Church friend, Kundry Black to sing the song with him and Jeff appears in the music video. Walter then gives relationship advice to a couple. Bubba J then has to get a check-up as it sea he is afraid of doctors as Dr. Hsu sends him to a colleague, Debbie Donovan to help him get over his feats as she tells him he is afraid of illegal aliens and then Jose appears and he faints. Achmed notices an adult novelty store, A Touch of Romance as he tries to watch his first adult video as he watches one with a mannequin and his sensi as the episode ends with Achmed talking to the mannequin and Jeff saying good night.

Achmed's introduction for JeffEdit

"Greetings, infidels and now please welcome the only man who signed my turban when I broke my skull, Jeff Dunham".