Episode 2 is the second episode of The Jeff Dunham Show and Good Charlotte and Nurse Penelope Hsu guest stars.

Episode ChaptersEdit

1: Intro/Achmed's Funeral 2: Walter's Interview 3: Walter's Checkup 4: Achmed Mistakes Members Of A Religious Group For A Fruit Drink


Achmed throws himself a funeral but ends in disaster after he buys a dog casket and his cousin, Pierre steals his crush and Jeff volunteers to be his pallbearer, Peanut gets Walter to interview Good Charlotte's Benji & Joel Madden, Walter gets examined by a "woman doctor" and Jeff walks in on his after he is taking his clothes off thinking it was the bathroom and it seems Walter has a small penis and then Jeff tells one of his puppets and Bubba J makes fun of Walter and then Walter gets his home towed.

Achmed's introduction for JeffEdit

"Greetings, infidels. Please give a predictable American standing ovation for your host, Jeff Dunham".